Sad news have reached us concerning the visual kei band Gossip. Unfortunately, the band has decided to stop all activities and disband at the end of the year. This will happen on December 31 after their live at Meguro Rokumeikan. The members already apologized for the sudden announcement and told fans they will be working until their last day as Gossip.

Looking on the bright side, Gossip will be releasing their third full album before they part ways. The album will go on sale on November 14 under the title Shinai Naru Kichiku Psycho Yaro (Shushin), and will be filled with 17 tracks.

Gossip debuted in 2014 composed of four previous members of JyuLie. They rapidly caught our attention with their old-school sound reminiscent of the GazettE’s early style. Their discography is composed of two mini-albums, two full albums, and various singles, most of which were gathered into a compilation album.

We wish the best of luck to the members and hope they find another path in their music careers.

Shinai Naru Kichiku Psycho Yaro (Shushin)

Regular edition


  2. Hedoro (ヘドロ)
  3. Menkai Shazetsu (面会謝絶)
  4. Manatsu no Yoru no Yume (真夏ノ夜ノ夢)
  5. Torikago (鳥籠)
  6. Hanamachi Barekusu (ハナマチバーレスク)
  7. Rosary (ロザリー)
  8. Kitchinkira (キッチンキラー)
  9. Shoujo A (少女A)
  10. Seija no Koushin (聖者の行進)
  11. Nozoki ana kara rinjin wa hiso ka ni warau (覗き穴から隣人はヒ素かに笑う)
  12. Nounashi Funuke Desu Ne (能無し腑抜けですね。)
  13. Kyokuto D.M.C (極東D.M.C)
  14. Kodoku (コドク)
  15. Rinne (輪廻)
  16. Kakokyuu (過呼吸)
  17. Psycho≠pas$

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