Chanty is releasing their second mini-album Aisousuru Symposium and has just made available an audio preview of their upcoming work. Expect the new mini-album to be released on October 17. The mini-album will come in regular and limited editions, containing six and seven songs respectively.

Earlier this year, Chanty released their second full album Chanty no Sekai e Youkoso 2. This past month, vocalist Akuta teamed up again with former Moran drummer Soan in his solo project Soan Projet to release their third mini-album Doumou naru Kyousou, Doumyaku ni Utsu.

Listen to the previews below and let us know what you think about it. Are you as excited as we are?

Aisousuru Symposium

Regular edition


  1. Akai Scarf (赤いスカーフ)
  2. Nee (ねえ。)
  3. Amagasa (雨傘)
  4. Policy (ポリシー)
  5. Massakasama ni Ochite Iku (まっさかさまにおちていく)
  6. Kireigoto (綺麗事)

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Limited edition


  1. Kireigoto (綺麗事)
  2. Akai Scarf (赤いスカーフ)
  3. Nee (ねえ。)
  4. Massakasama ni Ochite Iku (まっさかさまにおちていく)
  5. Yasashi Anata e (優しいあなたへ)
  6. Amagasa (雨傘)
  7. piano♯4

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