The dark and heavy hitters MonstlloW is preparing for the release of their third single Yubikiri Genman! And now, we have a song preview for the three tracks that will be included. The single will be first made available to the early birds who attend their live show on August 16, but for the general public, August 22 is what most of us will be marking.

With MonstlloW taking a surprisingly cheerful turn in their previous single THE STAGE Dance in the light, we are delighted to see in this new single that the band has regained their dark and heavy sound, similar to what the band initially was founded on. A sound the band established back when they were called Masqued Liar—only consisting of Laki (ラキ) on vocals, and Yutara (ゆたら) on bass.

From the looks of it, the single tells a dark story surrounding trust and betrayal, made apparent by the track titles. The intro song being Yubikiri Genman meaning “Pinky Swear”. This is followed by the second track Usotsukina Bokura wo KILL Jubaku, loosely translates to “Curse to KILL our lying selves”, where vocalist Laki screams in a grating voice how “money cannot buy what’s priceless”. Lastly, the third track Izayoi no Tsuki tieing up the knot with Laki’s creepy voice chanting:

One: Let’s live together, pinky swear
Two: Let’s laugh together, pinky swear
Three: Let’s sleep together, pinky swear
Four (die): Not yet fulfilled

Are you excited to have MonstlloW back in their regular state as we are? Tell us what you think down in the comment section!

Yubikiri Genman (指切りげんまん)


  1. Yubikiri Genman (指切りげんまん)
  2. Usotsukina Bokura wo KILL Jubaku (嘘つきな僕らをKILL呪縛)
  3. Izayoi no Tsuki (十六夜ノ月)

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