Kizu presented the contents of Steroid with a passionate song preview and an eye-catching lyric video for Buta. That was not it however, as the band commemorated the release of the single on July 31 with an evocative music video, taking the members atop an abandoned mental asylum.

It’s here that Kizu is joined by a giant stone head looking over them while performing Steroid. This is all while other distressed patients despair, as captured below.

Kizu rocking out with a massive stone head as patients face their own troubles

Alongside an amalgamation of clips, there’s old footage showing a lobotomy taking place and woman painting a canvas using her forearm as palette—the same canvas bassist Yue presses his hand against. The piece in question was created by an artist who goes by the name of Jellyghost on Twitter.

Yue’s eyes glow as he rubs his hand over the notebook

Vocalist Lime wears his mouth mask as he convulses, guitarist reiki attempts to suffocate himself and drummer Kyonosuke tangles himself in red rope.

Kyonosuke with red rope in his mouth

Each member is also seen splashing about in a pool of water with reiki standing straight up and dropping into it, and Kyonosuke dismantling his drum kit.

Kyonosuke in a fit of rage as he trashes his drum kit

Check the rapid scene changes in the music video below!

Steroid (ステロイド)

Type A


  1. Steroid (ステロイド)
  2. Buta (豚)
  3. Naka Niwa (中庭)

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Type B


  1. Steroid (ステロイド)
  2. Buta (豚)
  3. Utsukushi Hibi (美しき日々)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (LiME) (来夢)
Twitter (reiki)
Twitter (Yue) (ユエ)
Twitter (Kyonosuke) (きょうのすけ)
Instagram (LiME) (来夢)
Instagram (Kyonosuke) (きょうのすけ)

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