We’ve found an amazing live performance video archive channel called DAX, a project by the SPACE SHOWER on YouTube which records and releases live footage of goosebump-inducing moments from shows and performances around Japan.

From events such as Mori Michi IchibaMeCAKAKUBARHYTHM and more, the videos capture an elite line up of musicians including tricot, Sakanaction, and Sunny Day Service in high-quality audio and video. It’s a treat for those who can’t go to Japan for their abundance of shows, so take a look!

tricot – Anamein, at Mori Michi Ichiba on May 11, 2018

Ichiro from Sakanaction DJ set on May 11–13, 2018

Sunny Day Service – Ichigo Hata de Tsukamaete (苺畑でつかまえて) on May 11–13, 2018

The Wisely Brothers – Marison (マリソン) on May 11–13, 2018

Young Juvenil Youth – Girlfriend at MeCA February 9, 2018

Mi Ehara – Jimina Iro (地味な色) KAKUBARHYTHM 15 Years Anniversary Special November 5, 2017

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