Fans of DAMY just have about one month of waiting left before the band releases their album Jikochuushinteki Limiter (自己中心的リミッター) on August 29! Recently, the band also made a music video for the track Psychopath (さいこぱす) public. While there is no tracklist and album artwork yet, it is confirmed that the album will come in the editions A, and B. In addition to the CD, Type A will include DVD content.

Now let’s take a look at the video for Psychopath. We can see distorted images of the members performing in sailor-inspired, blue and gold stylings, framing a story where a girl murders a guy out of revenge, it seems, and then moves on to kill others.

The girl in the story aggressively hits the man using a bat.

Meanwhile, vocalist Ryo is accompanying her and obviously enjoying the scenario very much while singing “Saikopasu, boku ha saikopasu!” which translates into “Psychopath, I am a psychopath!” in the refrain.

DAMY’s seemingly harmless, trimly appearance creates a strong and somewhat bewildering contrast to the happenings in the video. While Psychopath contains rather little melodic parts, it offers a fast-paced and heavy rhythm that makes the listener headbang along to the twisted story being told in the video.

Are you as excited for DAMY’s new album as we are? Check out their artist photos and the video for Psychopath below and feel free to comment!

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