After THE GALLO’s single KERBEROS was released earlier this year, the band is back with a rocking new single called PLUTO! Their latest music video for PLUTO has also been made freely available worldwide on the band’s YouTube channel, published on the day the single went on sale, June 26. The single comes in only one version, carrying three songs and a karaoke version of the titular song.

In classical mythology, Kerberos is the mythical three-headed dog that guards the entrance into the underworld. Pluto, in this case, is the name of the ruler of the underworld. Most people may be more familiar with him under the name Hades. As some of you may know, Pluto is also the name of an adorable silly Disney dog. Which probably doesn’t mean that THE GALLO has been naming their newest consecutive singles after various fictional dogs, but it’s still a little bit hilarious.

Compared to their previous releases KERBEROS, and Yamiuta with their abundance of growling and grating screeches, wailing guitars and a likewise wailing vocalist Jojo, PLUTO is relatively tame. Most of the song follows a rather steady, march-like rhythm; fans of Jojo’s already well-known unique singing voice need not worry, however. He doesn’t really hold anything back on the vocals.

The music video is also rather tame, but in no way uninteresting. No blood this time; for most of it, the band is seen rocking out on stage as they perform the song, with some bizarre imagery sprinkled in between. But just so we aren’t all talk; watch the full music video right here!

The single also has an interesting look to go with it. For PLUTO, the band dons elegant suits with a print that parodies the iconic Louis Vuitton pattern. Jojo seems to have taken fashion advice from BUCK-TICK’s Toll Yagami, as he sports a hole in his hat to spill his voluminous hair out of.  THE GALLO has been performing in these costumes for a while already, as has been customary for them, so you may have seen them around.

THE GALLO’s look for single PLUTO

How do you like the single and the video, overall? Does it fit well with THE GALLO’s recent works? Make sure to let us know!



  1. PLUTO
  2. Daiteito himitsu kurabu -Gokuraku- (大帝都秘密倶楽部-極楽-)
  3. Kyokutou koishigure -Sakura- (極東恋時雨・櫻)
  4. PLUTO (original karaoke)

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