HIZUMI who in the past partook as the vocalist in D’espairsRay is continually expanding his design and fashion brand UMBRELLA to make it more accessible worldwide! In a recent announcement made by the Europe-based event organizers GAN-SHIN Records, the revelation of the collaboration between UMBRELLA and GAN-SHIN was publicized, unveiling their plans to prepare exclusive items for this exciting collaboration. As for now, the details are still up in the air, but we can expect to see three new items included in a single box, all designed by HIZUMI himself.

Additional information was also later made over at HIZUMI’s UMBRELLA Facebook page, stating that we’ll be able to soon purchase the Europe-exclusive products—which will be made in Europe—thanks to the collaboration. Seemingly also tease a potential visit to Europe if everything goes well!

If you’re unfamiliar with UMBRELLA, it is a design and fashion brand created by HIZUMI after putting his musical activities to a halt. The current product line-up consists of T-shirts, sunglasses, tote bags, accessories, and more. During the time he was active with the band D’espairsRay—a band with gothic metal origin—he was in charge of designing the merchandise and other visually related goods. This became the catalyst for his interest in design. You can read our full interview with HIZUMI here to find out more about him and his brand.

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