RADWIMPS’ latest two track single featuring Catharsist and Hinomaru came out worldwide on SpotifyiTunes US, and iTunes UK and Ireland on June 6, 2018. It’s been said that it’s going to be the theme song for 2018 CX TV soccer (or football if you live in the UK), the Japanese TV channel. The song will be featured during the broadcast of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia starting this June and its related programs.

The neon lighting and futuristic yet urban underground vibe from the video is very much reminiscent of the live adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, but strangely cuts to scenes of students dancing on a rooftop. The 30 second teaser provides such a tiny clip of what’s to come, it’s as though we’ve peeked through the door, only for it to slam in our face. Vocalist Yojiro only sings one line in this video, as the first half is quiet environmental sounds and effects leading up to something that actually sounds intriguing. I’m unsure if I’m a fan of such short teasers, but hey, we’re living in 2018 now guys, it’s time for us to adapt. Have 30 second music video teasers always been a thing? Let us know in the comments below.


Standard edition


  1. Catharsist
  2. Hinomaru

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