It’s not been long since their mini-album tyrantura was released in April, and More has a new track which is sadly a venue limited single titled Greedy Soul. The single is available at their third-anniversary show, Beautiful Beasts, Beautiful People, Beautiful World (うつくしきけもの、うつくしきひとびと、うつくしきセカイ) will be held at Ikebukuro EDGE on June 23.

In a blog, JUDYJUN mentions that the artwork is based off a famous for paintings of “Tower of Babel”, quoting from Pieter Bruegel’s work “Big fish eats small fish” which you can see featured in the preview video above. Before someone else points it out, we don’t believe Greedy Soul has anything to do with the 2017 track by Liam Gallagher which happens to share the same name. But who knows.

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