Carry on is a fresh track by 9mm Parabellum Bullet and it is going to be something to blast out the car speakers on a summer trip, friends! This song is uplifting and shines like the blazing sun on a hot afternoon. The guitar-work is spot on and can quench a thirst like a cold beverage after a long day at work, take a sip down below:

The video uses live footage of Hundred Years of Chaos vol.12 which was held at Tokyo’s Hibiya Outdoor Great Banquet Hall in May 2018, which was also the first time it was performed. Carry on is being distributed free from LINE MUSIC until September 8, 23:59 (JST). You’ll need to install LINE on your phone or computer, make an account before you can download this.

The song is going to be the thematic song for NEET NEET NEET (ニート・ニート・ニート) to be released in 2018.

In related news, Takuro Sugawara released a 90’s inspired song Kon’ya dake ore o (今夜だけ俺を) that came out May 29, 2018. This track is a funk and a half. It’s amusing to watch various folks lip-syncing to the song, including a bald uncle on a rooftop. If you know who that is, hit our inbox up.

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