One of the most important aspects of visual kei artists are the looks. In Visual Aesthetics, we will highlight specific hairstyles, costumes, accessories, makeup, body art and other styles which are either very common or stand out in this creative scene.

This week’s theme is: “Badass backs”!

It may not be specifically a visual kei thing, but an inked back definitely adds up to a badass band member look. You may associate it with the Yakuza. And who knows, maybe some of them were actually inspired by those guys. Does it matter?

This time we’d like to challenge you by showing you nine badass backs. Do you know who all these canvasses are? Scroll down for the answers.

From left to right:

RENA (ex-THE BLACK SWAN), Kyo (DIR EN GREY), Tsuzuku (ex-MEJIBRAY), Luvia (CANIVAL), Miyavi, Tomoya (ex-balalaika’s Futaba), Takeshi (GLARD), Koichi (ex-MEJIBRAY), Wataru (LIPHLICH)

Bonus question: which non-visual Jrocker’s badass back is this?

visual aesthetics: badass backs - tomoya

How many did you guess right? And which band member’s back tattoo do you love? Feel free to share a picture and name in the comment section below!

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