We have another visual kei group to start covering, and that band is MonstlloW! Before we get to introductions, we will first drop some details on the band’s three-month consecutive releases. From April to June, MonstlloW is releasing singles, with all three of them being titled THE STAGE. To differentiate between these singles, each one has different subheadings, possibly suggesting the theme of each release.

On April 1, the band released THE STAGE Dance in the light. This single differs from their previous work, as the group has adopted a rather vibrant appearance in contrast to their earlier spooky and dark looks. In addition, MonstlloW recently uploaded the full music video for the track VIRTUAL FLIGHT, which is included in the single along with two other songs. This track takes on a pop-influenced sound while the video has an abundance of colorful graphics, which again is surprisingly different from their usual heavy tunes. You can have a look at the video below.

MonstlloW began as a duo project in 2017 called Masqued Liar, and consists of ex-Zillapark members Laki (ラキ) on vocals and Yutara (ゆたら) on bass. A few months later they changed their band name to MonstlloW and welcomed their support guitarist Kanon (奏音) and drummer Yui (遊イ) into the group as official members.

Usually, MonstlloW’s songs are on the heavy side. They spice things up by accenting their songs with jazzy melodies or techno beats. You can have a listen to their music with the clip for their song Big Mouth March, which was included on their first self-titled mini-album that released back in July of 2017.

Below are the individual looks for each member. In addition, let us know your first impressions of this band in the comments below! For those of you who are currently fans of the group, what are your thoughts on the direction of MonstlloW?

Group photo of MonstlloW for “THE STAGE Dance in the light”

THE STAGE [Dance in the light]

Regular edition


  1. [Dance in the light]
  3. Neo Masquerade

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