JAKIGAN MEISTER released mini-album Yin-Yang on May 16 which has a total of seven songs and a DVD with the music video for Dikagestortion or Distortion. Now the solo project headed by NIGHTMARE guitarist Sakito has revealed a music video preview for it!

This simply has Sakito sitting down on a chair with legs up on desk, similar to that of a delinquent, singing the lyrics while his support members perform the song. There is also a stack of chairs piled up behind him illustrating chaos or a distortion of some kind. He does get up eventually but this time, he’s in a doorway with guitar in hand, strumming away.

You’ll find that the full word would be “Distortion” if the kanji for “kage” wasn’t there. The “kage” can mean “Yin”, in reference to the mini-album name but is also a euphemism for female genitalia, which seeing as their first album was called Ejaculation, it doesn’t surprise us.

Check it below along with the odd spelling of Dikagestortion!




  1. Yin-Yang
  2. Dikagestortion (Di陰stortion)
  3. Superviser
  4. Tokyo Underworld
  5. Placebo (プラセボ)
  6. From 19951208
  7. DAWN


  1. Dikagestortion Music Video

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