Sudden news came to our Twitter feeds on April 5, as it was revealed that llll-Ligro-, which had made a full comeback after a 4 and a half year activity pause, would break up as a cause of vocalist hinata’s desire to leave the band. The band’s full-length album, which was scheduled to release this month, has also been completely canceled.

To explain the situation fully, the band’s official Twitter released a statement regarding the sudden decision to break up. Basically, the trigger for all this happened when vocalist hinata had gone into a resting period in order to recover from an acute vocal chord inflammation. However, soon after this, hinata simply decided he would not come back to the band, and refused to continue recording for the album and to participate in future lives. Read the full explanation below:

An important announcement from llll-Ligro-

It has been decided that following the oneman live “Mourning (Chou)” held on May 18, 2018 at Higashi-Kōenji Niman Den’atsu, llll-Ligro- will disband.

With that, please note that all planned lives following May 18 will be cancelled. Additionally, the release of full album “Chou” is cancelled.
Please excuse that we are not able to refund the price of already issued tickets.

Following the postponement of the release of the album in order to improve quality, the album was postponed again due to vocalist Hinata’s acute vocal cord inflammation; however, five days after starting treatment, he suddenly expressed to the members that he wished to leave the band, and revealed the intention to not do any further recording and lives. As it could be assumed that he would not further explain his position to the other three members, and as irreconcilable differences in values and in ways of thinking have been exposed, llll-Ligro- has now come to this conclusion.

Due to various circumstances, our official site has also been closed down. As Twitter is now just barely the only source provided to the remaining three members, please forgive us that we had to make this announcement borrowing this platform.

llll-Ligro- had suspended activities for nearly four and a half years, and this move comes almost immediately after resuming activities, so all the members are very reluctant, but with the current state of events, we must officially conclude that the continuation of the band is impossible.

Additionally, for the remaining performances we will not invite a guest vocalist or the like, they will be performed only with the remaining members.
We are extremely sorry to all our fans who have waited for so long, that it has come to this.

All members are very grateful to all the fans and friends who have supported us since we resumed activities. Thank you for all this time.

llll-Ligro-‘s final live together will be on May 18. The remaining three members will continue to play without hinata and without a guest vocalist. Whether one of the remaining members will take on vocals or not was not made clear.

One final point of discussion within all this is the band’s new Twitter handle, which has been changed to “@jchokzr”. This is interesting because if separated into “jc” for guitarist Jesse, “ho” for bassist hao, and “kzr” for guitarist Kazari, then this may be a clear indication that the three remaining members fully intend to continue working together in a new band, with the new Twitter handle being simply a placeholder while they decide on a new band name. Of course, this is only speculation and should not be taken as official evidence.

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