RYOHEI (ex-MEGAMASSO) has been starring in a series of makeup tutorials on YouTube channel KAWAII PATEEN for a variety of looks, including male gothic lolita (Brolita) and visual kei.

Each video has been wonderfully translated so you can follow along with their walkthrough from applying the foundation base, concealing, eyes makeup, brows to blush to achieve the same look. Make sure to see the description of the video for the huge list of products they use in the video. This might just be the most thought out video for foreign fans so be sure to hit “like” to support the makers!

Visual-Kei women makeup with MEGAMASSO Ryohei & RIKAE【with English Sub】

V-Kei Makeup with MEGAMASSO Ryohei【English Sub】

What's in my bag? with MEGAMASSO Ryohei【English Sub】

Ryouhei has a couple of older tutorials from three years ago which you may be interested in:

Kawaii MALE LOLITA MAKEUP TUTORIAL How-to by Japanese cross-dressing RYOHEI|メガマソ涼平ロリータメイクBrolita

Male Gothic Lolita MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Cross-dressing RYOHEI | 女形ゴシックメイクメガマソ涼平 Brolita

Do any of you cosplay as visual kei artist or have an extensive makeup routine? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to see pictures!

More info:

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