Last week we posted a question on social media asking our readers to “Name the best song by the GazettE” and restricted it to one recommendation only. Sadly there is no such song titled “It’s impossible to pick one”, otherwise, that would have been the top track for our faux Best of Collection. We’ve had to add a B-side as you guys mentioned so many, but the order of tracks is based on the number of comments and likes on the status.

There were some obvious choices, but I personally was shocked no-one mentioned DEUX or Hyena, but there is, however, a good mix of historic and new songs, so let’s take a look at our reader’s own party mix for the GazettE.


  1. Undying
  2. Reila
  3. Filth in the Beauty
  4. Miseinen
  5. Chizuru
  6. DOGMA
  7. Without a Trace
  8. Guren
  9. UGLY
  10. Ganjisuni Akai Bara


  1. Silly God Disco
  2. Falling
  3. Zetsu
  4. Cassis
  6. Taion
  7. Okuribi
  8. 13 Stairs [-]1
  9. Invisible Wall

Apart from the newer songs starting from DOGMA, here’s most of the songs on our Spotify playlist for you to enjoy:

Apparently you guys like UNDYING a whole lot, followed by Reila which came out in 2005. Other tracks I did not expect to make the list but did so anyway includes DeracineOkuribi13 Stairs [-]1 and also Ganges ni Akai Bara.

What do you think of this reader made the GazettE Best of Album? Let us know in the comments below.

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