La’viel MizeriA have recently welcomed a second guitarist, Nazuki (渚月), into their group! Originally a support guitarist, Nazuki has now joined the band as an official member. In addition, La’veil MizeriA will release a new single titled Usukurenai no Sou (薄紅ノ葬) on April 11. To promote this release, a music video trailer for the track Ibitsu Kabenegata (歪屍形) has been uploaded.

In this clip, the members are performing in a garage-like building with red walls. Nazuki makes his first music video appearance here, matching his old-school fashioned bandmates with his spiky, raven-colored hair and a long, dark outfit of his own. Have a look below!

The band has a new look for this single as well. What are your thoughts on this new addition? Are you excited for new songs from La’veil MizeriA? Let us know in the comments below!

Usubeni no Sou (薄紅ノ葬)

Regular edition


  1. Ibitsu Kabenegata (歪屍形)
  2. Memai (眩暈)
  3. Yoran (揺籃)


  1. Ibitsu Kabenegata Music Video (歪屍形)

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