Half Mile Beach Club releases debut EP 'Hasta La Vista'
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Earlier this month Half Mile Beach Club dropped their debut EP Hasta La Vista.

A Balearic beat unit based in the beach town of Zushi, Half Mile Beach Club is made up of a 10-man team that includes musicians, bartenders, photographers, and DJs who have been putting on music and film parties in the town since 2013. Over the years they have also played host to the likes of indie rock up-and-comers DYGLYogee New Waves, and many more.

On April 18th the band released their debut EP Hasta La Vista, a 7-track mash of synchronized indie rock and dance music featuring sounds inspired by the UK’s Balearic and Madchester music scenes. The record also includes guest features from hip hop artist Maco Marets and producer in the blue shirt.

Check out the band’s latest video for Blue Moon now on their official YouTube channel.

Half Mile Beach Club EP Hasta La Vista Cover

Half Mile Beach Club
Hasta La Vista

Release Date: 18/04/2018
Label: 249records
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