Instagram exploded with screenshots, animations and videos of GACKT pulling the wildest faces whilst staring crazily at a banana in the latest commercial for Sumifru’s Kanjukuo Gold Premium bananas. We won’t ruin the surprise and let you enjoy this advert with no expectations, so see the amazing commercial in question:


GACKT makes eye contact.


GACKT not only starred in the commercial but became the brand ambassador of Sumifru which is unsurprising for some considering his history to take on some obscure roles and projects in the past. Check out the interview of how he feels about bananas with bonus translations from our in-house translator, Nexus.


What fruits do you like?
GACKT: Hmm, usually I would eat practically anything. Pineapples. Bananas. Kiwis. Yeh those, I think. Maybe grapes too.

When do you eat bananas?
GACKT: Because I live in the Philippines, I would eat bananas for lunch or get a banana shake when I go out. Especially before training, instead of regular meals, I’d eat bananas or some fruits so exercising is a little easier.

There are also people who care about carbs in fruit, what do you think about that?
GACKT: With fruit… you just wouldn’t get fat. Like. For real. With sugar from fruit, when you digest it takes so long to actually be absorbed into your body, so… the most common cause of getting fat is from carbs and sweets. You really cant get fat from fruit.

Now that you’ve had Kanjukuo Golden Premium, tell us how you feel about it?
GACKT: First the taste is rich. Springy on top. Refined. My impression from the first bite is that it’s pleasant to eat. Delicious!

How do you feel about bananas? Would you try the Sumifru banana? Let us know in the comments.

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