Early February saw RAZOR announce the release of their third single but didn’t provide any further details on the matter.

We can now confirm that it’s titled BRILLIANT and will come out on May 9! The regular edition type B contains three tracks and the limited type A takes that down to only two but include a DVD for music video BRILLIANT. You can get an idea of what BRILLIANT will sound and look like with their recently revealed music video preview and song trailer.

Let’s start with the music video preview! This shows the band performing the song in a wide open space with spotlights used in a creative manner. At times, they are either flashing down on the members, swivelling from left to right or creating a runway as they pose for the camera during individual shots.

What is also apparent are the short glimpses of a diamond or shapes you would normally associate with the precious stone. In actual fact, the artwork for the limited edition type A has a diamond on it and their fourth one-man tour is named BRILLIANTCUT which is a popular cut shape for diamonds.

Moving onto the song trailer, BRILLIANT takes cues from the clean production and vocals heard on their second mini-album the CORE which suits the ideas illustrated here particularly well. It can definitely be likened to Kienai Itami as opposed to the explosive carnivalesque manifestation that is LIQUID VAIN.

HONEY is the next song and it gleams just as much as its predecessor with its quick vocals and classical-tinged solo.

Then we finally get to PINOCCHIO with its constant use of ‘whoa’s’ and jumpy instrumentation that is a great song to end on or to use as a transition.

Check the artist photos, music video preview and song trailer for BRILLIANT below!


Regular Edition Type B


  2. HONEY

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Limited Edition Type A


  2. HONEY


  1. BRILLIANT Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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