If you’re on this site, chances are you may like Japan and its culture. And if you like the culture, then you may perhaps also be interested in Japanese candy!

Tokyo Treat, a monthly Japanese candy box subscription service, was generous enough to send me a sample of their tasty premium February box to try. The service was amazing as they sent emails to keep me informed of the delivery, the parcel arrived really quickly and the sturdy packaging kept the delicate snacks intact. Many of the Japanese candies were either chocolate or strawberry flavored to keep in with the theme of Valentine’s Day. Check out this small review and unboxing video we made:

Here’s a list of all the February snacks in the review:

Beginning at $22.50 a month for a classic box, and $31.50 per month for a premium box, you’ll be getting a selection of different candy every month. Tokyo Treats tend to have a theme for every box, so April’s box will have snacks and candies with the theme of Easter. You have less than a week left to order! You can even check out all the previous boxes to see the snacks of the month on their website.

If you feel compelled to try authentic candy imported straight from Japan, follow the link below to subscribe to their monthly services and enjoy the amazing and unique flavors of Japanese candy!


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