Nearing 10 years of activity, Minus Jinsei Orchestra is a band long needing coverage on JROCK NEWS. We will introduce them to you before going into detail on their upcoming album!

Minus Jinsei Orchestra debuted in 2008 and was active until they went on hiatus in 2016. They started back up again in 2017 with the release of a mini-album and a single. The band is made up of vocalist Kuriyama “HaL” Yes, guitarists Kuroya “YUKKE” nora and Yazawa “Organic” motohal, bassist Ogawa “Hong Kong” Kotaro, and drummer Yokota “Namamushi” Hikaruson. Their music is mainly synth-pop with a mix of alternative and punk sound.

Keeping up their musical creativity, the band will release their newest album Sono Kokoro Wa (その心は.) on March 7. It will include twelve tracks that follow with their upbeat melodies.

In addition, the band recently released the music video for the track O Make no Jinsei that is featured on the album. This song plays a trick on us with its bubbly tune, while the video shows the members laying on pills, looking distressed as they begin to consume them in handfuls. The shadowy lighting adds an eerie effect that has us thinking this song is not as cheery as it sounds. You can view the video below.

Here are the latest looks for each individual member!





How many of you are already familiar with this group? If you’re new to this band, let us know your opinions on Minus Jinsei Orchestra in the comments!

Sono Kokoro Wa. (その心は)

Regular edition


  1. Oshimai Eki ni Yorugakuru (おしまい駅に夜が来る)
  2. Zetsumei, Zettai (絶命、絶対)
  3. Kimi ni Nemuzai O Ageyou (君に眠剤をあげよう)
  4. Spoon Mage no Shounen (スプーン曲げの少年)
  5. Bonsai TV-Kun (凡才テレビくん)
  6. Hitogoroshi no Endroll (人殺しのエンドロール)
  7. Ashimoto Bakari Mite Iru (足元ばかり見ている)
  8. Nihon Rettou! Shazai Kaishuu no Tabi! Danzai! Heisei no Nijuu Mensou Genru! (日本劣等! 謝罪回収の旅! ~ 断罪!平成の20面相現る!)
  9. Hana yo Chou yo (花よ 蝶よ)
  10. Kiyoude Bukiyouna Otoko no Hanashi (器用で不器用な男の話)
  11. Ginga Tetsudou no Asa (銀河鉄道の朝)
  12. O Make no Jinsei (お負けの人生)

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