It’s been three months since llll-Ligro- announced their comeback from a four-year hiatus, when they released the music video for INVICTA, back in December of last year. Back then, they promised to be back with more music for fans, a promise which has been kept as of two days ago, when the band released the full lyric video for their new track, INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL! This song comes off their newest album, tomurai. 

The song actually made its way to the band’s official YouTube channel for one reason. Their newest album, tomurai, is planned to go on sale at stores on a still undecided day of April, but was scheduled to begin being sold ahead of its release date at lives starting on their March 4 performance at Ikebukuro EDGE. However, due to the band’s desire to create a better comeback album, they have postponed the pre-release of the album until March 23. To compensate to disappointed fans, they released INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL on YouTube and will also sell another song, basket case, also off their newest album, as a one-coin single at the March 4 live in place of the album.

The album’s details still remain largely a mystery. The only reason we know the album’s title is because it was included in the description for the band’s new track on YouTube and on a Twitter post. No official announcement regarding the album has been made on the band’s website, except for an announcement from back in January confirming that an album was in the works, and the recent postponement announcement.

Keep checking back for when album details become available!

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