In collaboration with Recruit Holdings’ “Follow Your Heart & Music”-project, the band “Kami-sama, I have noticed” released their new music video, Merci. A music video using the latest technology of facial mapping to project imagery onto their lifeless masks.

Kami-sama, I have noticed continues their pattern of teasing and releasing new music videos without them being linked to an upcoming release. The latest addition Merci tells a story of an outcast girl who is suppressing her inner self and avoiding to confront it. And the message of the music video as explained by the vocalist “Doko no dareka” (Someone from somewhere), is for you—the listeners and viewers—to take the “challenge” to confront yourself, to start a new milestone in life. Even if it might seem impossible or pointless right now, try to not give up yet or be afraid to change yourself. Doko no dareka also explains that he hopes the music video will help people find the driving force in life for this to happen.

If you’ve seen Kami-sama, I have noticed’s past music videos, you might have felt a bit disconnected by the fact that the facial expression is lacking, and how the vocalist does not possess a mouth to move in sync with the music (he’s wearing a mask after all). The band wanted to change that! So the particular thing about the music video Merci is how their usual lifeless head masks have been given life this time around! Thanks to the company P.I.C.S., the band was able to project imagery onto a blank canvas version of their heads (masks), and thus, we are finally able to see the vocalist sing and act in sync with the music! However, due to the fact that facial mapping is very intricate, facial mapping was only applied to controlled scenes where movements were limited.

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