To promote the release of their first music video collection, Anima (アニマ),  FIXER uploaded the full music video to one of their previous singles on their YouTube channel! Anima has been available for purchase since January 17 of this year, and it comes with nine clips that FIXER have filmed from the beginning of their activities to the present. One of these tracks, MaercS (from the band’s sixth single of the same title), has not had a full music video uploaded yet, so it is now available to give fans a look at what they have been waiting for.

The setting of the video is in an empty, dark room, save for the crimson chair that vocalist Jey sits on in various scenes. Despite the simplicity of the setting, there are several interesting shots, one of them being the members playing their instruments in slow-motion to the booming melodies of the song. We also see Jey holding an hourglass, signifying that the concept of time may be a theme in this song. Last, but not least, the middle of the video shows Jey embracing his bandmates in an alluring manner for your fanservice needs. You can view all of this in the video below.

Have you been anticipating the full music video for MaercS? Does their music video collection sound like something interesting to own? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Anima (アニマ)

Limited edition


  2. Kodou -into the vortex- (孤慟 -into the vortex-)
  3. Kodou -silence of the void- (故慟 -silence of the void-)
  4. Tomoshibi (灯火)
  5. MaercS
  6. Libido
  7. Asterisk (アスタリスク)
  8. Linaria (リナリア)

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