FIXER has announced on their official LINE blog that they will release their ninth single! Titled ARGENTUM, the single will drop in stores on May 30 in two types. Type A comes with two tracks including a DVD with a music video and its making of for the track ARGENTUM. Type B will have an additional third song, Fis.

The band has stated that this single is a branch from their previous single ARBITER, so we can guess that a story is being told with these releases. Along with this information, FIXER has shared a silhouetted group photo on their official Twitter account. We will keep you updated when new details and individual photos are announced. Meanwhile, you can view the ARBITER clip below and comment your anticipations for ARGENTUM and how it will contribute to this story that FIXER are delivering to us.


Edition A


  1. CRIME No.666
  2. ARGENTUM (アルゲントゥム)


  1. ARGENTUM Music Video
  2. ARGENTUM Music Video Making Of

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Edition B


  1. CRIME No.666
  2. ARGENTUM (アルゲントゥム)
  3. Fis

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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