Did you know that the all-girl line-up exist†trace launched their official Instagram account just a few days ago? To christen the new account, they have revealed their new look and a couple of behind the scene photos in a factory setting, so be sure to hit “Follow” to stay updated!

In the latest Instagram post, well-dressed Jyou and beautiful Miko pose together on a red carpet for Hinamatsuri (ひな祭り), also called “Doll’s Day” or “Girls’ Day” which happens each year on March 3. The main feature of this day is the stair-like platforms to display ornamental dolls, representing the Royal court, dressed in Heian period outfits. You may have seen this in popular TV series or anime shows where parents celebrate their daughters’ happiness, growth, and good health.

Continuing from the celebratory vibes, we’ll move onto good news for fans who will be attending their one-man live concert, SOLID STAR at Shibuya O-Crest that is going to be held on April 7! The band will be gifting a free copy of their new song POWER OF ONE to every attendee. See what guitarist, vocalist, and chief songwriter Miko has to say about this song:

Even if the power of each person is small, when we all gather as ‘one’, it turns into a phenomenal force. This song expresses the solid sound we’ve formed with exist†trace, and it’s the beginning of a new chapter.


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