On March 7, Sword Art Online’s official twitter announced that the upcoming Sword Art Online Alternaltive: Gungale Online anime, which is airing on April 8, will feature Eir Aoi’s new song, Meteor.

Eir Aoi is a Japanese singer from Sapporo, Hokkaido. She was previously with the label SME Records, from 2011 to 2016. After going on a long 2-year hiatus due to poor health, she is now with the label Sacra Music, and her fans are undeniably pleased with her return. She posted the music video for her song, Promise, on February 7, the song expresses her feelings during the haitus and her pleasure to return. Details on Eir’s single, Meteor, have yet to be released.

藍井エイル 『約束』Music Video(YouTube Edit)

Eir Aoi’s songs have been the opening themes for anime such as Fate/Zero, Kill la Kill, and The Legend of Arslan. She also previously sang the second opening of SAO innocence, so the announcement of her performing the new opening for ‘SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online’ is giving fans some serious nostalgia.

SAO fans not only do they have Eir Aoi’s Meteor, but also an official announcement for season three of the series, “SAO III Alicization”. The release date has yet to be officially announced, however the writer of the series, Reki Kawahara, put on his twitter: “Happy New year! 2018 is the year for GGO and SAO 3!” Which with Alternative Gungale Online (GGO) coming out this spring it is likely that SAO 3 will be dropping this summer.

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