Hello Dreamers! Today we’re here to present Vivarush’s newly started vlog “Ruimaru Worldwide” that is hosted by vocalist Ruimaru!

Since most of the Jrock fans around the world aren’t fluent in Japanese, Ruimaru has decided to embrace this fact by including English subtitles in his vlogs with the help of V STAR PROMOTION, in hopes to get every Dreamer united! Ruimaru will talk about various things in his vlogs, such as his favorite food, his experience with English, and other miscellaneous things that are going on in his life. Moreover, the vlogs will mainly target their international fans and is exclusively released on their Facebook page!

By now you may be wondering what the deal is with us shouting “Dreamers” blatantly? This is actually the way Vivarush cheerfully refers to their supporters.

Have a look at their first teaser in the video below! To keep up with the vlogs, like and follow their Facebook page to get updated whenever new content arises!

Vivarush is an oshare kei band based in Osaka, Japan under the label Kerberos Entertainment. They are a band who writes cheerful music and adores colorful attires, but most of all, they love interacting with fans (as seen below)!

Left to right: Qs, Yukimura, Ruimaru, Belle, Pamy

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ruimaru)
Twitter (Belle)
Twitter (Yukimura)
Twitter (Qs)
Twitter (Pamy)

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