THE GALLO’s long awaited single, KERBEROS, coming after over a year void of releases, is scheduled to be released on March 14. After having announced the release and the new look for the single, the band is now back with a music video preview, published on their official YouTube channel.

From what we can hear in the preview, KERBEROS does not deviate from the characteristic musical style that THE GALLO have established in the recent years. Musically, it feels like a natural successor to LUCIFERO.

Much like in Yamiuta, the previous music video released by the band, Jojo continues getting his face bloody. This time he steps his gore game up, savagely tearing into some organs, as well as practicing fine dining on them.

Among other things, the video sufficiently shows off the black ram horns that Jojo dons for it—they’d gotten a little lost on the black background of the original photos for the look, didn’t they? The singer may have realized this as well, since he has recently shared this stunning picture on the band’s official line blog, where we can enjoy him in all his devilish horned glory.

Jojo’s official KERBEROS look

If you are considering preordering the single, there is quite a number of bonus content options to choose from, based on the store that you pick; THE GALLO’s official website conveniently lists all the options of bonuses for you, so you do not have to spend ages going around and checking.

There is also official merchandise tied to the single, going on sale at the official webstore on March 14. Among other stuff, it lists really cool items such as face masks with the KERBEROS make-up motif.

So, how does the single look to you based on the preview? Are you excited after the long wait? Will you be getting it? Let us know!  We sure are looking forward to whatever debauchery KERBEROS will unleash upon us.



  2. Kaichuu (蛔蟲)
  3. Shingei-gata Sensuikan – Kokugei (神鯨型潜水艦・黒鯨)

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