Xaa-Xaa is preparing to deliver their first set of songs for the year in the form of a new single! Akairo (赤色) is its name, and it will be released on February 28. The limited edition of the single features two songs and a DVD for the title track, meanwhile the regular edition contains three songs.  

The band’s official website also displays a new look for the members. Their style is both classy and shocking as their suits and skin are stained with blood. The red tinted environment in which the members are placed further enhance the eerie vibes lurking from the photos.

Take a look at the individual artist photos below!

Akairo (赤色)


Regular edition


  1. Akairo (赤色 )
  2. Aozora Yamete (青空やめて)
  3. Nuregarasu (濡烏)

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Limited edition


  1. Akairo (赤色)
  2. Aozora Yamete (青空やめて)


  1. Akairo (赤色) Music Video

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