A couple of days ago, heavier-than-usual snowfall hit Japan, causing an avalanche of snow pictures on Twitter. Some were tasteful shots of the unblemished snow with a twinkling backdrop of city lights, but scroll not much further and you’ll find mucky snow angels of when Jrockers threw themselves into melting black ice. As comical as that sounds, we’re not interested in that. We want to show you the creativity behind these amazing artists, so here is the complete list of the most beautiful (not really) snowmen our Jrockers have built—and on occasion found on the streets. We believe you can tell which ones they made themselves by looking at the texture of the snowman.


Bonus photos of cute and skilled snow carving of a snow cat decorated in ribbons and magical snow girl.


Which snowman was your favourite? We liked Remo’s poster cut-out face the most.

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