When we think of Japanese cakes and patisseries, we are thrown into a literal candy shop of choice. From bouncy cloud-like cheesecakes to melt-in-the-mouth matcha mousse cake, the king of the celebration is the birthday cake.

Many of these are expertly sculpted in cream and decorated with strawberries and chocolate, but sometimes you’ll get some which go above and beyond to both eyes and taste buds. So what type of birthday cakes do Jrockers receive on their special day? We’ve hunted and compiled the most impressive and delicious looking cakes, so let’s find out!

Is this cake for Luvia (CANIVAL) even real? It looks like a model…

Shoto (Mili) has the usual strawberry and cream cake with a white chocolate plaque. We found hundreds of Jrockers who had very similar cakes to this to celebrate.

The birthday boy gets the white chocolate decoration. This is KEISUKE from DEVILOOF.

Beautifully decorated fruit and cream cake for Hibiki (RIBELIO).

LEVI (Vexent) has a drum-shaped cake and his face on the top!

RENO has two guitars on his cake.

Inori (Stigma) hands down as the cutest decoration of them all on this cake.

First non-cream cake we’ve found! This mousse cake was for TOMOYA (SALTY DOG).

Cute ladybug shaped cake for Rapunzel.

Smiley and blushing gorilla playing the drums on this cake for Ichirou (Initial’L).

If fruit salad was merged with a birthday cake, this would be the result for O-JIRO’s (PENICILLIN) birthday. We assume he likes fruit. A lot.

Hiro (BLAND) does not receive a bland cake at all for his day. Check out the perfect chocolate guitar!

Taro (paiotsu) blows out candles on stage.

This cake for Tamapi (環) is loaded with fruits and has a super cute illustration on a chocolate plaque.

The cake for Dr.Usui is cute… In a homemade way.

Petite and delicately decorated cake with fruits and flowers for Toshiya (DictavE).

Bonus: Utaite artist Shakemii has a cake with the salmon mascot by Sanrio…

Which cake did you like the look of best? Would you be weirded out by eating a picture of your own face? For us, after researching sweets for hours we would be happy with any of the cakes right now.

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