J-Rock Chibis have teamed up with JROCK NEWS and generously provided us with this year’s prizes for the new year giveaway. For this giveaway, there will be three winners who will be given the chance to win any of the amazing chibi items. The competition will end on January 31, 2018, 00:00 GMTTerms & Conditions apply.

J-Rock Chibis is a fan-run store that sells keychains and various products related to Jrock and visual kei in chibi form, including official merchandise like guitar picks, necklaces, and chekis. You can even get a personalized chibi of your favorite Jrock members or band. Simply drop them a message via their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a music video or photo reference. You will then get a preview of your commission, and in a few weeks, your own personal Jrock chibi will be in your hands! They get limited commissions per month, so be sure to send them fast! See some of their work.


How to Participate


Like JROCK NEWS Facebook

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Share this post publicly, and leave a comment with the chibi item you would like to win the most and why.

Retweet this tweet and reply with the chibi item Twitter too for more chances of winning.

Each winner will get to select their favorite Jrock Chibi member/band from respective Category.

Grand prize:
A Chibi Plush from Category A
Chibi keychain set from Category B

2nd prize: Chibi keychain set from Category B

3rd prize: Chibi straps set from Category C

Category A: Chibi Pillow

A1 – A5: Versailles (Teru, Masashi, Kamijo, Yuki, Hizaki)
A6 – A9: Mejibray (Koichi, MiA, Tsuzuku, Meto)
A10 – A14: the GazettE (Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai, Uruha)
A15 – A18: Morrigan (Kuloe, Aryu, Setsuna, Pitty)
A19 – A23: X JAPAN (Yoshiki, Hide, Sugizo, Toshi, Pata & Heath)
A24: Mejibray (Koichi)
A25 – A28: Diaura (Shoya, Yo-ka, Tatsuya, Kei)
A29 – A33: Nocturnal Bloodlust (Daichi, Masa, Hiro, Natsu, Cazqui)

Category B: Chibi Keychain

B1: Diaura keychains set
B2: Koichi standee
B3: Mejibray keychains set
B4: Morrigan band keychain
B5: the GazettE standee keychains set
B6: the GazettE dogma keychains set
B7: Nocturnal Bloodlust keychains set
B8: Versailles keychains set
B9: X-JAPAN keychains set

Category C: Chibi Straps SET

C1: Diaura skeleton set
C2: Royz key set
C3: Mejibray I bear set
C4: Mejibray II bear set
C5: Morrigan bear set
C6: Nocturnal Bloodlust skeleton set
C7: the GazettE bear set
C8: Versailles rose set
C9: X-JAPAN key set

More info:

J-Rock Chibis Website

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