Bassist Avel, drummer Takeshi, and pianist Tsukasa, former members of metal band Sick., are back together in a new band called Veinrot! The final line-up will consist of six members, although we will have to wait for the identity of the remaining members to be revealed.

The only source of information at the moment is the band’s newly created Twitter account, where we can see their band logo (above) consisting of a wine glass. From here, we can relate the band name to the German word “weinrot”, meaning red wine or burgundy color. No other information such as performance dates or releases has been divulged yet, but the band posted a picture of a recording process, so we may expect new music soon. We will inform you as soon as more details become available.

Sick. went on hiatus in November 2017 due to Avel, Takeshi and Tsukasa’s decision to withdraw. The remaining members, vocalist Shiki and guitarist Fuki, just reformed Sick. under the name, Screaming Inside Can Kill.

More info:
Twitter (Avel)
Twitter (Takeshi)
Twitter (Tsukasa)


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