It appears that Yusai had no luck finding their vocalist Amane since he went missing last month. After weeks of no further contact from Amane, the remaining three members announced on their site that they have fired their vocalist and will cease activities in January of 2018.

During the time their vocalist was absent, members Yoshi, Orochi, and Saku took turns with the singing role. However, this was not enough to keep the band going. The band’s bond was not the same without Amane, leading them to disband after nearly a year of activity.

The members have left comments thanking their fans for their support along with apologies for the incident. Nonetheless, they have declared to play with enthusiasm for the remainder of their shows.

Yusai will have their last live on January 20, 2018, at Takadanobaba AREA. Let’s wish them a fantastic final performance along with a better future and hopes for Amane’s safety.

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