VAMPS undoubtedly have a massive presence regardless of what they’re doing but now the band have abruptly announced that they will go on hiatus as of this month.

The announcement states, in a rather poetic way, that their “engines have overheated and we need some time to cool down.”.

Earlier this year saw the release of their fourth album, UNDERWORLD back in April, to then tour America with both solo and supporting shows.

You can see the full announcement below:


Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Sadly, we have an unfortunate announcement for you today.

VAMPS will temporarily cease all activity as of December 2017.

Our engines have overheated and we need some time to cool down.

As soon as we are at our best temperature and the time is right for our return, we plan to kick back into action in top gear! We’ll be counting on your fiery welcome!


What was your reaction to the announcement? Maybe you expected it with the recent announcement of Hyde’s solo activities? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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