Any llll-Ligro- fan was most likely sad during the holidays of 2013, as around that time the band unfortunately went on hiatus after losing two of its members. The band had gained momentum and a relatively decent following, leaving many quite disappointed by the announcement.

Today, though, four years later, the band has returned with fresh new members and a new music video to reassure fans that they are back for good. llll-Ligro- has been joined by guitarist Jesse and bassist hao, to form the quartet that is ready to pick up things were vocalist Hinata and guitarist Kazari had left off. Their newest music video, INVICTA, showcases the usual melodic metal that the band had going on before their activity pause, which should leave fans reminiscing of their older songs like GRAVE MARKER and to, and leaving new fans with a taste of what this band is capable of.

The members have a new look to go with the music video, which give off those same enigmatic vibes the band had before their pause.

llll-Ligro-‘s newest group picture

An official announcement of the band’s return was made on the band’s brand new website, which also promises a new release “coming soon”. For now, we have the new music video to reignite the love we held for the band four years ago.

Even though the band was officially on hiatus, the band still occasionally held activities over the years. In 2014, the band held one live in December at Ikebukuro EDGE. In 2015, they held two lives in August and December, and in 2016, they held one live and actually released their sixth single, which was limited to 100 copies and only for sale during this one live. It wasn’t until this year that they began to have more frequent lives, holding eight lives between March and December. Now, though, expect the band to hold lives and release music on a regular basis.

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