As of October 30, Yusai’s vocalist Amane is stated to be missing. The members posted a message on their official website apologizing for the situation, and that they, along with family members are searching for him. While they are struggling to find Amane, the members have found themselves unable to contact him.

Since October 25, the band has been performing without their vocalist due to him being in “bad physical condition”. Now that they have not heard from him anymore, they have no clue where he is, making the search more difficult.

We have translated their official announcement, please have a look below:

Thank you for always supporting Yusai.
We have an announcement about the vocalist Amane.

He had not taken part in the live the other day, we have been unable to get in contact with him so far, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Because of the aforementioned situation, we hereby inform you that regarding the live at Takadanobaba AREA that Yusai are performing, at the live and the instore event, the three members, guitarist Yoshi, bassist Orochi, and drummer Saku will appear on their own.

We would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this sudden announcement to everyone who has been looking forward to the live, and also to all related persons and performers.

Regarding Amane, we are currently searching for him alongside his family, and as soon as the situation gets cleared up, we will inform you.

Furthermore, we apologize sincerely, but live tickets can not be refunded, so please take notice of it beforehand. We are truly sorry.

*We will inform you about the member participation for the November 22 instore event at a later date.

We are truly sorry to everyone who has always supported us, we have no words of apology; the three remaining members will strive to do their best, and we would feel very happy if you could continue suppoting us. We are truly sorry about this incident.
One more time, we apologize.

Ong corporation
Representative director Tanaka Jun
Yusai −guitarist Yoshi, bassist Orochi, drummer Saku−

Unfortunately, Yusai’s members have been through a similar incident while they were in the band Zin. For weeks they had to perform without their vocalist Riku, who was later revealed to be suffering from depression and eventually departed from the group.

We will keep you updated on the status of Yusai and their vocalist. Meanwhile, let’s hope for Amane’s safety.

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