SCANDAL’s first digital single Koisuru Universe (恋するユニバース) has been out since October 22. The music video for the title-track has been also revealed after teasing us with an animated version. Watch the full music video below!

SCANDAL『恋するユニバース』(Short Ver.)

Koisuru Universe is an energetic pop-rock tune that surprised us with its great instrumentation. Rina’s pumping drum beat keeps the energy up during the whole song, adorned with brief and subtle guitar and bass interjections. The chorus is as catchy as the guitar riff leaving a clear message to the world in the lyrics, a universe in love (Koisuru Universe). After the second chorus, the song slows down for a little bit to then enter into a frenetic breakdown and explode into the final long chorus, now including guitar solos by Mami.

By the end, the rhythm of the song slows down again in a more melodic way to rapidly return to a slightly different version of the initial riff. The difference comes down to Tomomi’s bass line which is faster than before. Speaking of which, Tomomi’s lines are impeccable and can’t be missed out. The best example can be heard during the previous moments to the breakdown while accompanying Haruna’s vocals. Overall, a great piece of music by these four talented ladies!

The music video is aesthetically pleasing to watch. Haruna dancing and singing in the highway is particularly fun to see. Wouldn’t you do the same while listening to them? The images of the girls taking care of each other convey a message of love between two people no matter what, and it can’t be stopped by any means as reflected in the lyrics.

Ah, a universe in love
Even God can’t get in the way
Of a pair attracted to each other

SCANDAL has clearly stepped up their game with this release, as they are re-assuring how confident they are at fully composing and writing their own music. The girls commenced doing this with their sixth studio album Hello World and we personally find a huge difference between pre and post 2014 SCANDAL. Lyrics by Rina and music by Mami has become a common combo recently and it’s obvious that the formula is working, as seen in their previous singles Take Me Out or Freedom Fighters.

SCANDAL’s current look!

Check the tracklist below which includes another new song, Futari. In addition, there are two live songs, Kimi to Yoru to Namida and an acoustic version of Mami’s solo Koe, taken from their 11th anniversary live at Billboard Live OSAKA.

Koisuru Universe (恋するユニバース)

 scandal koisuru universe cover
  1. Koisuru Universe
  2. Futari (ふたり)
  3. Kimi to Yoru to Namida (キミと夜と涙) (Billboard Live Osaka 2017.08.21)
  4. Koe (声) (Billboard Live Osaka 2017.08.21)

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Official Website
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