Alongside a preview trailer for the CORE, out on November 22 and Kimi wa Ima mo Azayaka ni lyric video, RAZOR now have a music video preview for Kienai Itami to show us! This has a camera going around the band as they perform the said song in black and white with their most recent costumes.

Like many of their songs, the chorus is well and truly stuck in my head and it’s definitely grown on me. Maybe the same will happen to you as well? See for yourself in the video below.

the CORE


  1. the CORE
  2. ROAD
  3. Kienai Itami (消えない痛み)
  4. Innocence (イノセンス)
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Kimi wa Ima mo Azayaka ni (君は今も鮮やかに)
  7. Sonogo no Sekai (その後の世界)


  1. Kienai Itami (消えない痛み) Music Video

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