Ohayo Gozaimasu continues to deliver powerful and heavy songs! To charge forward, the band announced a new EP called Maeda EP, coming out next month on December 6.

The title track with the same name, Maeda, is the first music video to come out from this release. As expected, this song does indeed keep the energetic tone shown in the past, joined by balanced vocals in the scream and clean department. The song is also well fitted with an abstract and chaotic music video that really brings out their vigorous aura! This theme is preserved throughout the entire EP as suggested by the EP trailer.

What more? The trailer also revealed a remastering of the previously released song Inginburei, initially introduced on the band’s first album MONO-SUGOI.

Check out the new material in the videos down below!

Maeda EP


  1. Maeda
  3. SF Ojisan to onnanoko
  4. Bunan
  5. Inginburei -2017 mix-

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