It’s been more than two years since Koeda, vocalist of supercell, released her solo debut album, but it looks like it’s about time we reached the point where her new mini-album is getting finalized! On November 29, we will finally see her second mini-album Monshirocho in stores after having its existence teased for over a year. Along with this fantastic news, Koeda dropped a new music video for the title track, Heath no kakera, a heartfelt song about love.

Prior to the official announcement of the second mini-album, Koeda had already released an acoustic demo version of the song Heath no kakera, as well as the demo song Paranoia Forte that will also make it into the upcoming work. These demo releases were already available back in May 2016 on YouTube. Not to mention how a somewhat recent and substantial album teaser was uploaded six months back where Koeda showcased another song, Asobi mashou; this is some truly fearful teaser tactics…

But let’s not get distracted! As mentioned earlier, Koeda is a part of the group supercell. And with that, it’s no surprise we see supercell’s main composer ryo listed as one of the arrangers on the album. We say “one of the arrangers” rather than “composers” as the album is entirely written by Koeda herself, just like her previous album!

Make sure to order your copy today, as there are only a few copies left on CDJapan as of writing!

こゑだ「ヒースのかけら」Music Video

Demo and the acoustic version of Heath no kakera:

こゑだ New Song「ヒースのかけら-Demo Ver.-」



  1. Monsieur wa shinanai
  2. Heath no kakera
  3. LinariaLisa
  4. Paranoia Forte
  5. tobacco
  6. Asobi mashou
  7. Nerine
  8. Chisana monster

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