KEEL’s next release, titled Shishi (死々), will be a live limited release EP consisting of three all-new tracks. Fans can get their pocketbooks prepped starting December 18. The posted trailer is definitely worth making some noise over. The first track, Over, sounds like a step in a completely new direction. Fans will be pleased to hear a more high energy sound from KEEL. This type of energy is much more prominent live releases. Although their signature sound could be said to be melancholy, this new track is sure to be welcomed with open arms. Or ears, if that makes more sense. The other two tracks are more of a return to form while still keeping a more experimental vibe. Needless to say, the EP will be setting itself apart from previous releases.

Unfortunately, this will be a live limited release with six dates. If you’re lucky enough to be one of our readers living in Japan, get to the show! Anyone of these lives would be worth going to. The rest of us are going to have to hope that the next release will be more accessible. Even more, hopefully the three tracks will get re-released on a full album. That way, we can all have something to throw our hard-earned-converted-Yen at. KEEL is comprised of some well-established figures in the Jrock scene and we may just be at the start of an era with more influence from some of the other members.

Shishi (死々)

keel-shishi Live limited

  1. 喘鳴
  2. 星成り
  3. Over

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