RagDöllz is a fresh take on the metal genre with an all-female trio putting out tracks that are heavier than some of their male counterparts. Women are definitely not strangers to the metal genre. However, it is always nice to see something outside of the norm of the testosterone fest that metal and all of its numerous sub-genres seem to create. RagDöllz has just recently released their first album Ten Red Roses on October 22. Even so, the band has releases dating back to 2015.

While it is true that there are definitely female fronted metal groups out there many of them play to the same tune. We have some killer guitar work with a drummer that’s about to pound their way through the third drum head of the day. It sounds great. Unfortunately, what we tend to get from the vocal department isn’t usually as heavy. Although clean vocals make for a pleasing contrast and overall more approachable sound, there could always be more. RagDöllz fills in this gap and sets themselves apart in this respect. Vocalist Rumi does both harsh and clean vocals. Her transitions are effortless and add in a nice mix up in their songs.

Although they have been around for a while, RagDöllz is definitely worth giving a quick listen to. The best way to listen to them is on their official YouTube or through the TEAM A’THRASH channel which has some of their live performances. The band also seems to have their stage presence together with excellent command over the crowd and great ability in generating some energy.

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