Attendants to Chanty’s fourth anniversary one-man live were able to purchase their new single Hikaku Taishou (比較対象) and now the rest of the world can listen to the band’s newest work in the form of a music video!

Just like previous singles m.o.b or Fukigen, this composition is a perfect example of Chanty’s explosive sound as it displays all their energy in an intense three-minute performance. Despite losing guitarist Shia back in May, Chanty is not going to give up easily and still try their best! Watch the music video below:

The band has recently celebrated their fourth anniversary with a one-man live held at Tsutaya O-WEST on September 16. In addition, the footage of this event will be released in a live DVD titled 4th anniversary oneman 〜Chanty no Sekai e Youkoso (Chantyの世界へようこそ)〜. Pre-sale will start at their upcoming show on December 21 at Takadanobaba AREA while the actual release date is yet to be confirmed.


Chanty’s current look. from left to right: drummer Naruto (成人), vocalist Akuta (芥), guitarist Chitose (千歳) and bassist Taku (野中拓).

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