Standing in front of a green-screen, Yoshiki sweetly presented the weather in English on popular French TV program Quotidien. With a few hiccups on pronouncing the city names, he completed the forecast with a little help from the host and panel. Check out the short video from his official Twitter below:

While Yoshiki was clearly nervous, fidgeting with his hands the entire time, the French host seemed patient and understanding of the X Japan drummer, who kindly reassured him whenever he became stuck pronouncing a French city. After finishing his forecast, the audience promptly applauded him, recognizing his efforts and erasing any negative stigma of French people being rude.

Yoshiki was in the middle of touring Europe to promote the documentary, We Are X, when this happened, and while  this was definitely a surprise PR tactic from his team, at least now we can cross “Watch Yoshiki present the weather forecast” from our bucket lists, right?

More info:
Yoshiki Official Website
X Japan Official Website
Yoshiki Foundation America
Facebook (We Are X)

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