It has been announced that THE BLACK SWAN will disband following their live on May 1, 2018 at TSUTAYA O-WEST, after four years of activities. The announcement comes as a surprise to many, as they have a new single coming out in the next few days, and there was a steady progression and improvement in their sound.

The band did not state their reasons for breaking up, but they did leave long, heartfelt messages explaining their emotions regarding the separation:

Staff comment:

Following the oneman performance at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on May 1 2018 (Tue), THE BLACK SWAN will cease all activities and disband.

For the fans who have supported us, for people involved with the band, all members are very grateful and hope to keep bringing you lives like always until the very end.

Although there is only a little activity time left, we are immensely grateful for all your support.

October 19, 2017

JIN’s comment: 

“There’s nothing like a forever

That answer I definitely understood from the start.
Whether this answer was early or late, I do not know.

Ever since we started this band, we have always wanted the be the kinda band that makes “the now” the coolest.
I think the members have really progressed nicely.

At the same time, I have experienced my own helplessness.
Was my effort not enough?
Or were we just inherently different? 
Even if there are many reasons, for myself my strength was absolutely not enough.
I did not have the power to protect the things I wanted to protect.

To all of you, who genuinely loved the band, I am sorry I could not protect the place where you belong.

All the unfullfilled dreams, all regretful thoughts that I can not even write down; I will express them all on stage in the time that I have left.

There is still half a year left,

so even as I am, in order to be able to proudly say that “the now” is the best, until the very end, struggling on and on, I will keep screaming.


Itsuki’s comment: 

THE BLACK SWAN will disband.

It was my everything.

If I could, I wanted to keep making more music with you guys.
I was fully aware of my lack of strength.

It’s a shame.

To everyone who has supported us, everyone involved with us, thank you very much, really.

Please stay with us until the last day.


Makoto’s comment: 

The three years we’ve been active since 2014 have passed like nothing.
There is still a mountain of things left unfinished for this band.
To be honest, as we were just at the point of having settled everything both musically and among the members, I’m really frustrated.

What were the things that I, that we, have come to believe.
There are no words to apologize to I’m 6 who have poured out more love for us than fans of any other band.

I feel empty, really.

once the conclusion’s been reached, it can not be changed.

That being the case, there is still a little time left, so
savoring Len and RENA’s rhythm,
the different kind of twin guitar with my buddy Itsuki,
the guitar that makes  JIN’s singing resound even louder,
with I’m 6, I will enjoy the lives the best that I can.

Making this a band unforgettable in a lifetime, until the very end; come on.


RENA’s comment: 

Come May 1 2018.

After the oneman show at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST, we, THE BLACK SWAN, will put a full stop behind approximately four years of activity.

I am truly sorry that as a result, we have betrayed the expectations of everyone who had supported us.

Always, at any time, the moment I stood on stage, I lived with all of my power.

During this limited remaining time, I will do it no different.

Everyone who will be able to share this time with us, even if it’s just a second, I want it to be burnt into your eyes for a long time.

It was very reassuring that there were people who lived in the same era as me, loved the same music as me, who fought alongside me.

Thanks to all of you being there, I was able to live as I pleased.

This remaining half a year, I will see it to completion being myself.
You live being yourselves as well, if you please.


Len’s comment: 

First of all, as it turned out to be this way, I apologize to all of you I’m 6 to whom we have caused sadness.

I myself am saddened by this outcome, as being in a band with these awesome guys, I have been enjoying myself to the max.
However, there has been a chance to look back at ourselves at a certain time.
When doing so, I have looked at the accomplishments we have reached so far from a present point of view.
I really love Terakoya, the office we are affiliated with, and I’m 6.
Specifically because of that, continuing on inertia would be nothing but a betrayal against everybody, including the members.
As it is, there was only one option for the band to come to.

So I don’t want you to misunderstand, just because I say that, regarding each piece of work and each live from here on, I will not slack off on a single one.
Motivation has decreased and what not, but scamping our work only because we have decided to break up would be a betrayal against Terakoya and I’m 6.
All members probably think the same.
When playing the drums, each time I faced the drums and the fans, I did it with nothing less than my whole heart.
Perhaps there are people who will think this is selfish. And people who would want us to continue no matter what.
But from my point of view, please understand that this is specifically because I love the members, Terakoya, and all the fans.

Until May 1, even if it means shortening my own life, I want to express feelings beyond all that I’ve got to all of you.
Perhaps the time we have left will pass in the blink of an eye.
So that neither of us has to regret anything, please express your feelings wholeheartedly with us as well.


Whether or not we’ll see a final release from the band, or if Mushi koe will be the last we hear from them is still up in the air, but hopefully, with the official disband date still several months away, we can get to buy one last release from the band.

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