Sometimes the internet is a nice place, sometimes it’s not. Kind of like a tsundere (cold and hot) character you’ll find in anime but on a whole other level. With YouTube recently, they’ve been a bit too much tsun-, without much dere, especially with so many videos being pulled off its platform due to its new guidelines.

However, we’re lucky to see that some “old but gold” video clips of the gentleman Gackt are still running wild and popular on the platform, so today we decided to share the clip where Gackt holds a conversation in Chinese (Mandarin) with the Taiwanese pop star, Vivian Hsu!

The clip is an extraction from the music talk show Shin Domoto Kyoudai from the year 2012. Below the embedded video, we have provided you guys with a rough translation. Take it away, Gackto-san!

Host: What are some of the differences between Taiwan’s entertainment world and Japan’s?
Vivian: Um… The words are different.

[Audience big laugh]

Host: Well, yea yea…
Vivian: The most common difference is basically the language. But Gackt, you’re good at speaking Mandarin, right?
Gackt (in Mandarin): I know a little.
Host: “Yi dian dian”.
Vivian (in Mandarin): Eh? Are able to speak Mandarin?
Gackt (in Mandarin): Since they don’t understand what we’re saying, that’s why [we should]…
Host: What the hell?
Vivian: I’m suurprised!
Gackt (in Mandarin): That’s why we should go back speaking Japanese, is that alright?
Vivian (in Mandarin): No problem at all!
Vivian: Woaaah, he’s really good at speaking Mandarin!
Host: What? What did Gackt say?
Vivian: “I really really like Vivian”.
Host: Are you for real?
Vivian: Haha, no, but he said: “Since people around us don’t understand Mandarin, let’s go back to speaking Japanese”.
Host: Oh, so that’s what he said? Gackt, did you study Mandarin?
Gackt: I have a good friend from Taiwan so…
Host: Ah, that’s how you kept up.
Gackt: Yes, that’s basically it.

How did you like the clip? It definitely proves that Gackt’s talent has its practical use and not just for brags! Not to mention that his pronunciation was surprisingly good too.

Are there any other good clips of Jrockers that you want to share? Feel free to share them on our discord chat—which is where this topic was first brought up—or drop them in the comment section below!

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